Player Profile

Position D
Height 5'8
Weight 145
Shot L
Birthplace Fernie
Graduating -0001
Committed School

Lindsay is a grade 11 student, playing defence, in her second year as a Warner Warrior. She was born and raised in Fernie, BC. Lindsay's mother Heather lives in Fernie, BC. and her father Brent lives in Sparwood, BC. Lindsay has a brother and a sister, Jake and Sara. Her interests include running, biking, basketball, and of course hockey. Her favourite colour is green, and pink, and her favourite food is pie. Lindsay started out figure skating at age of 4, and started playing hockey at age of 5. She decided to stop figure skating and to just play hockey at age 10. Lindsay came to Warner to develop her hockey skills, and to play at the highest level of hockey that is out there. Lindsay thinks that Warner Hockey School will help her to reach her dream of playing on Team Canada. Lindsay plans to reach these goals no matter how long it takes.

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