Player Profile

Position LW
Height 5'5
Weight 130
Shot L
Birthplace Milk River
Graduating 2016
Committed School

Kiera is starting off her first year as a Warrior in grade 12. Her parents Rick and Stacey, as well as her three sisters Skylar, Trinity and Eve currently live in Milk River, Alberta. Kiera's family moved to Milk River from Lomond, Alberta four years ago. Kiera first started playing hockey when she was three years old, and played in Lomond when growing up. After her family moved to Milk River, she has been playing in Lethbridge, for this past season she played for the Lethbridge Hurricanes. Kiera's other hobbies include softball, basketball, art, photography, and reading. Kiera chose to come to the Warner Hockey School because she would like to improve as a hockey player and a leader as much as possible. Her goal is to play university hockey at the University of Lethbridge while completing her degree in Psychology. After her Bachelor's degree she would like to pursue a career in coaching, because she wants to help younger female hockey players to grow and develop their skills.

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