What is the cost?

For more information on tuition costs please contact Michael Carlsen at carlsen3@shaw.ca or (403) 389-1299.

Where is Warner?

Warner is located approximately 65km south of Lethbridge on the way to the Coutts Sweetgrass border crossing when travelling on Highway #4, and Warner is located approximately 277km south of Calgary Alberta.

Why will my skills improve?
1) The Coaching
A professionally qualified coach is the cornerstone of Warner Hockey School. All coaching and training staff will need to provide three professional references as well as submit to a criminal records check.

2) The Game
As you know, the quality hockey experience for women becomes sketchy once young women enter into the bantam and midget age groups. By forming an "elite" team, we hope to raise the level of hockey played by our young women who will now be surrounded by up to 20 of your own peers that share the same passion for the game as you. It's time to play your own game!

3) The Schedule
We will be offering 7.5 hours of on-ice training and competition every week. We will be offering a practice to game ratio of 4:1 to maximize skill development. There will also be a lot of time spent to off-Ice training in areas such as: strategy, nutrition, strength and mental conditioning.

Who is eligible?
If you are:

In Grades 9-11 during the upcoming school year. If you are excited about the opportunity to improve your hockey skills within a school setting and are committed to the advancement of women's hockey.

Who will coach?
Joel Dyck is the head coach of the Warner Hockey School program.

How will you keep me safe?

24-hour supervision
20-25 players will be residents of the Rome Meisser Center. Warner is a safe, small, rural community that believes in a safe and caring environment for children. Our crime rates are significantly lower than that of any major centre. Several of our community people are members of local crime watch organizations.