Skill Building

1) The Concept

Players at the Warner Hockey School receive excellent coaching from a quality coaching staff who take a team approach to development. By focusing on individual skills as the basis and moving to team play and tactics, players are exposed to the best possible training methods. Practices are up tempo, fun and designed for players who 'think the game'. Many coaches don't believe you can develop 'hockey sense', but at the Warner Hockey School it is our primary focus. Our players learn the team game, learn to play and live with others and pursue common goals. Our team prides itself on quick, exciting puck movement and creating offense, all while competing at a high intensity level. Our players develop the values the Warner Warriors have become known for, hardwork, dedication, responsibility and creativity. As a team we focus on the process, the journey and  the results. Perhaps that is one of the reason our teams and players have been so successful. All this and a tremendous amount of fun along the way, that is what the Warner Hockey School is all about.

2) The Game

As you know, the quality hockey experience for women becomes sketchy once young women enter into the bantam and midget age groups. By forming an "elite" team, we hope to raise the level of hockey played by our young women who will now be surrounded by other peers that share the same passion for the game as you. Living and training with people who have common goals is a powerful motivational tool. It's time to play your own game!

3) The Schedule
We will be offering daily on-ice training and competition every week. We will be offering a practice to game ratio of 4:1 to maximize skill development. Players can develop off-ice skills through the use of stickhandling balls and various training drills. There will also be time spent to off-Ice training in areas such as: team tactics, video analysis, strategy, nutrition, physical and mental conditioning.