Player Profile

Position G
Height 5'7
Weight 160
Shot L
Birthplace Fort McMurray, AB
Graduating -0001
Committed School
Shots Against0
Goals Against0
Goals Against Average0.00
Save Percentage0

Andrea comes to Warner Hockey school with many dreams and lots of drive. She will be entering grade ten and playing goal. Her parents David and Tania, as well as older brother Ryan reside in Fort McMurray, AB. Andrea has played hockey for eight years and loves all sports including basketball and swimming. She also has a love for the arts, enjoying drama, photography, and playing the flute. One of Andrea's academic dreams is to complete grade twelve with honors and to excel in the medical sciences. Her hockey dreams include attending college on a hockey scholarship and possibly playing with Canada's National Women's Team. Andrea is excited about the fierce competition and the chance to play with other girl's who love the game of hockey and want to improve.

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