Player Profile

Position D
Height 5'5
Weight 180
Shot R
Birthplace Charlie Lake, BC
Graduating -0001
Committed School

Phairyn comes to Warner for her first year entering grade eleven and playing defence. Her parents Clay and Kris as well as two brothers Beauden and Colten reside in Charlie Lake, BC where the family runs an Outfitters business. This is where Phairyn has received her love of the outdoors. Phairyn has played hockey for eleven years and her hobbies include hunting, fishing, horseback riding, being around animals and hunting them. Her biggest pet peeve is not being able to spend as much time as she would like with her horses. Phairyn chose Warner Hockey School because of the fast paced level of play, and where other girls are very serious about their hockey. Hockey is Phairyn's passion and she is ready to be pushed physically and mentally. Academically Phairyn would like to play on the National Women's team and some day have her own Veterinary clinic.

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