Player Profile

Position LW
Height 5'3
Weight 122
Shot L
Birthplace Kelowna
Graduating -0001
Committed School

Ashley joins Warner Hockey School as a grade ten student and will be playing forward. Her parents Terence and Tracey, as well as younger brother Keanan live in Kelowna, BC. Ashley began playing hockey when she was ten years old. Her hobbies include playing hockey, hanging out with friends, shopping and going to the beach. She loves Ovechkin, popsicles, steak, spaghetti and the band Hedley. Her dislikes are fish and scary movies. Ashley chose Warner Hockey School to become a better hockey player and to be around athletes that have similar focus and goals. She hopes to one day receive a Division 1 scholarship and play on the National Team. Her career plans include becoming a Veterinarian.

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