Player Profile

Position LW
Height 5'5
Weight 140
Shot L
Graduating -0001
Committed School

Kassy Pedenko will be entering her first year at Warner Hockey School, playing as a forward. She grew up in a very active family with her parents and younger brother. Kassy began playing hockey at the age of 7, but also enjoys playing several other sports, spending time with friends and family, to be around animals, and to travel. She hopes that the Warner Hockey School will move her game to the next level, and that the training and environment offered at Warner is the best means by which she can achieve her goal. Equally important to her are academics. Kassy is an honours student, and was in the gifted program as well as the leadership program at her prior school. Ultimately, her goal is to become the best person she can be. She realizes that her academics must continue to be a priority for her future. Ideally, her goal is to combine her hockey skills with her academic achievements to facilitate an acceptance into a university and to continue to play hockey.

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