Player Profile

Position G
Height 5'1
Weight 115
Shot L
Birthplace Kimberley
Graduating 2015
Committed School University of Wisconsin - Superior
Shots Against625
Goals Against44
Goals Against Average1.42
Save Percentage93

Natasha will be entering grade 12 and playing her first year as a Warner Warrior. Natasha is from Kimberley BC, where her older brother Zach and her parents Al and Donna reside. Natasha started playing hockey at age 4 and at age 7 she began playing goalie. Natasha played boys hockey until she switched to girls hockey in her second year of bantam. When Natasha is not busy with hockey practice, she enjoys soccer, kayaking, and running with her dog Bauer. She chose to attend Warner Hockey School because she believes this experience will improve her hockey skills and she will be well exposed to universities throughout Canada and the United States. In the future Natasha is planning to play in the NCAA or CIS hockey while pursuing a career in medicine.

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