Player Profile

Position D
Height 5'3
Weight 140
Shot R
Birthplace Falher
Graduating -0001
Committed School

Alana is one of our three Alanna’s this year. This Alana comes from Falher AB, where former alumni Kendra Lemire also hailed from. Alana is a defenceman who also chose WHS after attending the Showcase Camp, and likes spending time with family and friends, reading, watching movies and travelling to new places. She dislikes bad weather and dishonest people. Besides hockey, Alana enjoys volleyball and drawing. Her parents are Norma and Lynne, and she has 2 brothers Tyson (13) and Thomas (4). Alana chose Warner to be exposed to a higher level of hockey, and experience top notch coaching. She has also heard very positive comments about the Warner community and the whole hockey program. Alana hopes to play university hockey and attain a scholarship for both sports and academics so that she can enter the medical field.

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