Player Profile

Position LW
Height 5'3
Weight 118
Shot L
Birthplace Maple Ridge
Graduating -0001
Committed School

Jade is a forward who is returning for her 2nd year with Warner Hockey School, and entering grade 12 this year She comes to Warner from Maple Ridge BC, where her parent’s Ray and Dana, and brother Sean live. Jade likes hockey, being with friends, memorable moments and the Vancouver Canucks. She dislikes seafood, losing without effort, playing bad or making a bad play, and the Calgary Flames. Her hobbies include skim boarding, surfing, and lacrosse. Jade chose Warner Hockey School because of the resources that are provided for her to succeed in both her academic and hockey pursuits. Jade is returning to Warner for those reasons plus the fact that Warner has turned into her home away from home. Her hope for her hockey future is to receive a scholarship to a school she would like to attend with the knowledge and skills she needs to succeed and improve.

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